The condominium, which is located on Cuscaden Walk off Orchard Road, boasts a luxurious landscape. The Four Seasons Park Condominium features a unique 'Winter Garden' situated beside a meandering stream and Koi pond.
At the conservatory, visitors are welcomed by a selection of Cordyline cultivars with a touch of Dracaena ‘Lemon Lime’. Water feature at the entrance is decorated with the Philodendron, Alloplectus martius and some variegated Costus. At the center sits a magnificent display of rare and exotic epiphytic plants like Bromeliads, Orchids and Hoyas. Surrounding the center feature display is a selection of variegated plants like Aglaonema, Pandanus and Chlorophytum, Dendrobium hybrids, Tiger Orchid (Gammatophyllum speciosum), Begonia, Roses and Camellias.

The plants in the conservatory are delicate and not found in the tropical climate of Singapore. For these plants to thrive, they need to be taken care by specialists who are has proper knowledge. The maintenance effort also includes enhancing the 'seasonal' beauty (as the 'Four Season' name of the condominium implies) to each individual block in the condominium estate.