This is a colonial home styled in monochromatic colors of black and white. The vibrant color of a tropical garden, which encompasses the surroundings of the house, enhances its carefree resort feel. The plants in the garden, which were meticulously chosen to complement one another, attract different fauna such as birds and squirrels. The lush landscape also creates a form of privacy for the residents.

Rows of plants were planted in front of wire fencing along the main road to create a natural barrier instead of hard concrete external walls. Giant Pandanus were chosen to anchor the overall landscape design.  Their aerial roots and stem give a strong feel but their leaves soften the touch. They are Mother Nature’s sculptures for mankind manifesting the luscious effect.

The welcoming entrance garden landscaped with Draco, Heliconia, Costus, Calathea that leads you further into the pool garden and the rest of the house. The plants attract humming birds and butterflies. They also provide the necessary privacy for our neighbour. Demarcation of swimming pool was created naturally by planting Ophiphogon and Leopard lilies plants around it. At backyard, the fern trees with their swaying tree branches give a carefree feel of a rustic, resort home.

An artistic Tilandsia scape was created near the family outdoor dining area for close up views. Bromeliads were planted at the shady planter box area to provide colours and vibrancy to the otherwise dull area.